Attention Holiday Shoppers

For the time being, ISLE BE JAMMIN’ S MUSICAL GOODS can be purchased through CECIL’S ELECTRONICS AND PHOTO in the old Radio Shack location in Friday Harbor.
Please give Cecil a call at 360 378 4844 or stop in his newly redesigned store at 351 Argyle Ave. Lots to see and play! Isle be Jammin’ will be closed until Mid Feb 2016. Have a Happy and Festive Season! Kirk will be offering music lessons, repairs, and group jam sessions by appointment upon his return in the Spring. Keep on pickin’!!!
Isle be Jammin offers a very well stocked musical supply house selling instruments, accessories, sweet vintage guitars, mandolins, violins, ukuleles, as well as brass and woodwinds, books and musical memorabilia and curios. If you happen to have an instrument sitting around unused,  Isle be Jammin’ will Buy-Sell-Trade.
Our repair shop  specialty is making your instrument play easily and true. Free estimates!
Music lessons in guitar, bass, ukulele,  mandolin and harmonica continue. Band coaching, songwriting, and “Learning to play with others” are popular classes being offered.  Kirk has been teaching  since 1986 and welcomes individuals and groups of all ages. Rental instruments are available, both short and long term.
Mellowoods and Music/IBJ  has been a musicians referral, concert promoter, musical instigator for a long long time. Musical opportunities abound on San Juan Island and we look forward to serving old friends and meeting new ones in the coming years.  Kirk thanks you  all  for your support and patronage over the years. Come visit us soon!


Thursdays 7-9pm at Isle be Jammin’ Music Store in Surina Business Park, Friday Harbor.

music_circleMusicians, singers, songwriters, poets gather to share new works, old favorites and sing-a-longs in a supportive and interested Circle. Meet new players, share ideas, collaborate and enjoy the amazing talent in attendance.

LISTENERS Welcome. Donations accepted. 378 5151 for details.

New Music Classes this Fall/Winter

Whether you want to pick up an instrument for the first time in your life, or have been playing for years and are just in a creative rut, we have the class for you.

· Beginning Ukulele: No experience necessary…instruments available. Join the throngs of ukers on SJI. You’ll be ready for the campfire jams this summer!!!

· Intermediate Ukulele: Know some chords and strums? This is for you!!!! More complex arrangements of tunes and some fancy pickin’ and great sounding chords!

· Beginning Guitar: for folks who have longed to play…maybe tried before…we’ll get you going for sure!

· Intermediate Guitar: Ready for a challenge? We will stretch the envelope…lots of individual attention. Some theory, lots of playing in class.

· Beginning Mandolin… demystifying the 8 string wonder!!!!! Learn Irish, old timey, folk melodies and chords on this friendly little instrument.

· Jammin’!!!!! Learning to play with others: This class welcomes all types of instruments and folks yearning to play and share music with others….for people who have some experience playing, most likely solo. You will learn tons about group playing…be it duets, trios, quartets or bands. Be ready to laugh a lot!

Call 378 5151 for times & details.

1957 Martin Style A Mandolin with Case – $800

Our mission revolves around one basic premise…

“Everyone has a song to sing, everyone has music to make!”. It is our desire to assist anyone and everyone in sharing their musical talent. By providing new and vintage musical instruments for sale, accessories galore, lessons, repairs, coaching, a place to jam, a performance space and a place to disseminate musical information and energy…we are Music Central: a comfortable place where people of all ages can have a vast array of musical needs met. “A place to play…”

We also home to a wonderful Woodworking  and Wood Craft Gallery. Several of the Island’s finest woodworkers have items on display and for sale.

San Juan Island is a vacationers Paradise nestled in the Great Salish Sea 90 miles north of Seattle. Served by the Washington State ferry System, the island attracts musicians, artists, actors, organic gardeners and creative people of all kinds.

There are more musicians per capita  living and playing on this and and the other islands in the archipelago than in most any where in the world.

It is a wonderful place to live if you enjoy natures beauty, a gentle pace and fine people. Please be sure and stop by and share your music with us!

News Flash!!!!!!

PLAYS THE RUMOR MILL often for Roma and Gypsy music fun and frolic!  Great Food and Drink as always!



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