We offer a large variety of new  instruments and accessories. Drumsticks, Strings, Capos, Tuners, Metronomes, Picks, Straps,  Reeds, oils,cleaning supplies, replacement Parts. We have a selection of Percussion toys, rattles, bells, whistles…you name it!!! We can Special Order practically anything musical! Mellowoods and Music has been a licensed seller of musical merchandise since 1986.


We are a dealer for  Blueridge Guitars, Kentucky Mandolins, Ohana Ukuleles & Mahalo Ukuleles. We sell Cremona Violins and Flinthill Banjos, Hohner and Lee Oskar Harmonicas.


We have a vast array of used and Vintage instruments. Martin, Gibson, Epiphone, Giannini, Fender, Danelectro, Supro, Larson Brothers, Favilla, BC Rich, Ibanez.

Isle be Jammin’ has a HUGE selection of new, used and Vintage ukuleles and Banjo ukes.

We have vintage horns, drums, accordians, concertinas.

We also have a decent selection of song books and New and used cds.

*******WE BUY SELL TRADE CONSIGN most anything musical***********

Our inventory changes daily, so please stop in and see what’s in store!