Epiphone Masterbuilt MOP Beauty

Epiphone Masterbuilt MOP Beauty

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This is an as new elegantly appointed , spruce top/rosewood back and sides gorgeous guitar.

Tons of mother of pearl. Like a D-45. Has used stamp in back of headstock. Absolutely great looker and player.









This violin has a broken headstock. Other than that, the body is very solid…no cracks, no repairs. Sound post is still up. Original Juzek bridge. All parts present. Lable says “John Z Juzek made in Germany… violinmaker formerly in Prague” There is a signature  “John Firel”???”John Jurel”?????in long hand and hard to distinguish letters. At any rate before the headstock broke(previously repaired) this was a fine sound very loud player.
no Bow  very old and tattered case…. please email with questions.






Tiebel-Violine w case Vintage violin horn *RARE* LOOK!SOLD!!!!

A Stroh violin, Stro(h)viol, violinophone, or horn-violin is a violin that amplifies its sound through a metal resonator and metal horns rather than a wooden sound box as on a standard violin. The instrument is named after its German designer, Johannes Matthias Augustus Stroh, who patented it in 1899. The Stroh violin is also closely related to other horned violins using a mica sheet resonating diaphragm known as Phonofiddles.
In the present day, many types of horn-violin exist, especially in the Balkans.
This is very similar to the Stroh; it was made in Germany by Tiebel-Violine. It has  the patent # DRWZ  355993  stamped into the metal. See pics.
This is 100% complete, in beautiful condition, plays beautifully and has the original case(somewhat worn) see pics.  I have seen these sell from $3,500 to $4200.  From a recent collectors  estate.




vintage Italian Violin regrad: Rino Righele Vincentinus

vintage Italian Violin regrad: Rino Righele Vincentinus


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This violin has a rich strong voice, great sustain, visual beauty and long history. This instrument was compleletly regraduated by Vancouver violin maker  Rino Righele Vincentinus in 1998. His lable is inside the instrument. Built in 1895. please study the pictures and ask questions prior to bidding.  Sr Vincentinus values this instrument at between $2500-3000. I am a mandolin player and fiddle playing friends who have played this are enchanted by the ring and sweet tone  of the A string and power of the tone quality over all. This comes with a light weight case and no bow. I am sure the new owner will already own a terrific bow to match the quality of this ready to play violin.




Vintage National Lap Steel Rare very early



This National Lap steel guitar is amazing. Comes with original hard shell case that works fine…has replacement handle.
SN#A3193(back of headstock), Black and gold paint…original. Tuners original….stout as you might guess. Has NATIONAL cast into all metal body. Split picks are adjustable. Electronics are clean. Tone and volume controls clean.  Has newer green felt on back.

Enjoy the pictures……..

If you are looking for TONE, this is unsurpassed. I play through a Fender Bassman and the sound knocks the socks off any one with in 100 yards…..lots of barefooted people in my neighborhood.

I have never seen a National quite like this one. My guess is that if you have read this far, you know more than I about how RARE this instrument is.  Please email with questions. I really want you to know what you are buying BEFORE you bid. This is a fabulous old guitar and will sell for a pretty penny, I hope. All sales final; no returns.  Be assured this unique and hard to find lap steel is in great playing condition, with signs of wear.  I am 61 and this looks way better than me!

Dimensions: 37&1/2″ overall length
case: 12&1/2″x39″
Weight:  3 tons……….or at least 20 pounds….. it’s heavy

Beautiful MINT Trinity College fingerpickers dream guitar




This guitar is as new! It has been played some, but is in perfect condition. It is a beautiful solid rosewood, solid spruce, gorgeous sounding and playing instrument. The neck is 1&3/4″ at the nut, 14 fret making it a great fingerpickers guitar. Comes with brand new $89 gig bag. The glare in the photo is just that…this guitar is in PERFECT shape. Please ask questions before bidding. Good luck! BTW, This retails for $1595!!!!







1920’s Ribbon Mahogany Parlor guitar Sweet!

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This beautiful solid wood, ribbon mahogany parlor guitar and it’s vintage hand tooled leather case is indeed a rare find.  The guitar is is sweet condition, sounds wonderful and is gorgeous! The metal saddle is unusual and quite low. This instrument  has had two cracks on the back professionally repaired, the neck appears to have been reset, there is a plug in the heel of the neck. The top has had two small cracks repaired. The top has a slight belly bulge. The rope binding and rossette are in very nice condition, front and back. The leather tooled case is in usable condition and quite ornate. This is a vintage collectible guitar and will need to be set up for the players style. I inherited this from a friend who played stunning bottleneck on it as is. A loud, clear, fine sounding intstrument. Possibly made by Regal, though no makers mark visible. SOLD AS IS!




1930’s Supro spanish elect guitar excellent condition


*(I have the fitting that allows a standard 1/4″ patch cord to work with this guitar. I played it today through a Fender Champ. What a great Fat sounding blues guitar!!!!!! This is a wonderful guitar!)
Serial #c A6400 apprx 1936 Supro Spanish Electric in excellent condition.  Please examine the photos…you’ll see there is thumb wear on the neck; this guitar  has been played some, but was obviously well cared for. The original case is near perfect. These Supros are wonderful instruments and one in this condition would be hard to find again. *The electric jack requires a special fitting that I don’t have. They are available and I may be able to secure one for the buyer at no cost…  Please email with questions prior to bidding. All sales final!





Early John Grey banjo ukulele uke Roy Smeck


Here we have an English made Vintage Banjo uke “Roy Smeck” junior model. It is in very fine shape and signed by Roy Smeck himself. all original.  The frets are slightly proud of the fingerboard…….in a moister climate, the neck would swell back and the frets would be just fine. The factory green and gold paint are quite showy! The head has a small hole as can be seen next to Roy’s signature.  This collectors uke has all original parts and has a chipper voice, stays in tune and would be a nice addition to your unique stash of banjo ukes. The nameplate is in fine condition. No case. I will pack super carefully and insure. Please email with any questions.



Vintage Violin project Balzard Dairaris(?)



Here is a beautiful project for a knowledgeble violin maker/repairperson.  The parts are all present with the exception of a segment of the upper side(as seen in the pics. The headstock is beautifully carved, the back is one piece maple  and the top is very fine grained spruce. There is a named stamped that can be seen through the bass side f hole. it reads(I think) Balzard Dairaris, though it is not clear enough to be sure the spelling is correct. I believe this might be restored and become once again a fine instrument.  Please view the pictures carefully & Please ask questions via emai prior to bidding. No case or bow.

New instruments just in:

*Used Bach Strad Trombone 36G. This is a well used, but in top playing condition. Asking $1000.

* 1984 Weltklang Tenor horn made in Germany. Beautiful horn with hsc. $850

* Bundy Eb Clarinet. Very good little horn $350

* 1964 Gibson EB2 electric bass guitar w/ ohsc Bartolini pick up. Fine condition. $1695 , Has Paul MC Cartney flat wound strings.

* 1982 Laravee L-28 delux guitar with case. STUNNING, near MINT! $3250